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5 Freebies from Microsoft which you don’t have to Miss out

July 1st, 2009

Microsoft often offer free tools and software’s to try it out especially they are specialist in releasing their Beta to the Public and get feedback about the product. Here are the hand picked 5 products from Microsoft that are free to use. Also share your thoughts in the comment section.

1. Sysinternals:

Created in 1996 and acquired by Microsoft in 2006. Sysinternals Utilities will definitely help you to the core when it comes to managing, troubleshooting and diagnosing your windows operating system and its applications. They have several tools available in their network for File, Disk, Networking, Process, Security, System Information and Others…

Instead of going to different tools and downloading it they have provided All-in-One tools list thru their Sysinternals Live website.


Also check out in detail about the top 10 downloads from Sysinternals Suite

Process Explorer | AutoRuns | Process Monitor | PsTools | PageDefrag | RootkitRevealer

TcpView | BgInfo | BlueScreen | NewSid


2. Windows Live Sync:

Sync your files and access anywhere in the world. Yes it is possible through Windows Live Sync formerly called as Windows Live FolderShare. This service was released in Dec 2008 by Microsoft which allows you to Sync (The process of uploading and downloading information between two or more computers) files and folders. For example you can sync your files from home and can access it from office, whenever you update the files it will be synchronized  and available to you wherever you go.


Microsoft integrates all its services to be authenticated and authorized through Windows Live ID, so you can login with your Windows Live ID and can start Syncing. You can sync up to the maximum of 20 folders which can contain the maximum of 20,000 files and each file should not exceed 4 Gig.


3. Windows Live Skydrive:

Store as much as you want, access from anywhere and share it across with your friends and family. Skydrive now provides an online storage of about 25 GB of space limited to 50 MB per file. This service also uses Windows Live ID and also allows you to access the files and folders from a web browser. It gives you a user-friendly interface which separates Public and Private folders.


Skydrive feature gives you an opportunity to download your photos directly to Live Photo Gallery, download an entire folder as an 1 single zip file, copy and move your files between folders.


4. Microsoft Security Essentials Beta:

Microsoft is promising to give you high-quality protection against viruses and spyware, including Trojans, worms and other malicious software with its Free Security Essentials Suite. Here is our selected features which we were impressed with this software.

A. First of all its FREE. [Everybody likes freebies especially when its an security product which secures our data integrity we love to have it]

B. Very easy Installation [You can expect our in-detail explanation of installation with screenshots soon]

C. Automatic Updates

D. Automatic Upgrades

E. User friendly Interface

F. Runs quietly in the background [No unwanted alerts like other AV’s]

G. Less usage of System Resources

Even though the software is available to countries like United States and others you still have the opportunity to download, install or even test it in your Lab Environment through the title link.



5. Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate):

Windows 7 is the next generation operating system from Microsoft which will hit the shops probably on Oct 22 2009. The pre-release is available in the Microsoft website and will be available through July 2009 with the product keys. Once you installed it you can use the free RC version of Windows 7 till March 1st 2010 as after that you may experience the operating system shutting down every two hours of its running time.

The installation of Microsoft’s operating system is getting better and easier as Windows 7 will get installed as simple as installing a normal software. It has Easy Wireless Networking, Windows Media Center, Windows Touch and much much more…!!!


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