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Free Antivirus 2009 Removal Tool–Manual and Automatic

February 8th, 2011 Comments off

antivirus-2009-removalWhenever a virus attack takes place in our computer system different types of abnormalities can be seen. The popup will give messages regarding detection of infections. Clicking these popup leads us straight to the sites of Antivirus 2009. These are totally fake and only marketing schemes to prompt people to download the software. It is nothing but a rogue antivirus; it does nothing but to make the system full of threats and dangers.
Spywares are very powerful programs that have the ability to lock out your password and expose all your private data. There have been criminal cases where people use this program to achieve credit card number, bank documents and use it for unfair means.

Antivirus 2009 removal mainly can be done by utilizing two ways:
1.    In the manual procedure all the components are forcefully removed so that it does not get the chance to regenerate itself. It has to be performed very carefully; a single mistake can hamper the whole process. Small mistakes lead to removal of system files which hamper the performance of the windows. Reinstallation can be time-consuming. Another disadvantage of manual removal process is the problem of duplicate programs as the spyware duplicates itself often even if you remove it forcefully.
2.    The other effective method can be by using antispyware programs. Software’s like Malwarebytes AntiMalware and SuperAntispyware PRO plays an important role in eliminating these threats effectively.

If the antispyware used by you is not that effective then it would be better to go for a manual option. It can be changed by following certain broad steps:
1.    To find the exact Antivirus 2009 path, you can make use of the Windows File Search tool.
2.    To remove Antivirus 2009 Processes it would be better to use the Windows Task Manager.
3.    Registry editor is very important for removing the registry values if the corrupted software.
4.    To unregister the DLL files, Windows Command Prompt option has to be put to use.
5.    This has to be followed by detecting and deleting the other Antivirus files present.
6.     View the components of the Antivirus 2009 and remove them by searching their names and deleting them one by one.

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