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Internet Security Predictions for 2014

December 22nd, 2013 Comments off


There are number of big security concerns coming for 2014 and beyond. We have come a long way even throughout 2013 when it comes to increasing the power of mobile web, changing web standards and updating browsers to become more secure for these new types of web content and standards as well. There are bound to be even more advancements coming within the next year. With these advancements in technology and web elements we are bound to see some vulnerabilities with security as well. Keeping on top of this cyber security watch-list is a great way to avoid threats before they can occur and begin to affect your devices. If you feel suspicious of files online or you value your privacy, simply refrain from using unnecessary apps or visiting websites that you don’t have to. If you look at the web with an objective eye and follow some of the Internet security predictions for 2014 you can enjoy a year without any major security issues that can cost you time, money and add stress to your life.

1. Malicious applications: One of the biggest security concerns for 2014 is on the mobile web. More and more people are utilizing applications across IOS and android and because it’s very easy and free to publish to the android marketplace it is particularly at risk from malicious applications which could compromise your security on a mobile device as well as slow down your mobile device with bloatware, adware and more. Running some type of security application on your mobile device should become a mandatory practice for 2014 especially if you download and install a lot of different apps.

2. Running old operating systems: Windows XP is an operating system that still extremely popular and businesses and amongst the Tech community. Windows XP is unfortunately becoming obsolete and doesn’t offer any support for new types of popular web software such as Java 6. Without proper compatibility for these types of software Windows XP users could be opening themselves up to attack from security threats.

3. Mobile banking needs to be protected: hackers are becoming very good at initiating attacks on mobile devices and mobile banking. As mobile banking software becomes more intuitive and easy-to-use, hacks like a man in the middle tactics can intercept private banking information and put you at risk. These types of threats will have to be addressed in 2014.

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