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Get the Best Customer service from Worst Rogue Antivirus

February 2nd, 2010 Comments off

New Rogues are created almost daily and we stay on top with them in removing it. This is not new to us. Rogues are becoming epidemic in the malware academy and do not seem to be slowing down. In 2009 Kaspersky identified about 20,00 samples where the developers are from the countries that don’t have a strong policy on cyber crime.

fake-virus-protector-customer-serviceRogue Software’s created are mainly focusing to generate huge amounts of revenue. These fake software’s are promoted through affiliates where bad guys will use any means to get these programs installed on a victims computer. This includes silent installation of a malware and fake scanners to trick users to think they are infected.

New methodologies and campaigns are created among bad software creators. Sophos recently spotted that a Rogue Antivirus efficiency is more than the genuine products. They are good at customer service too. For example, after the installation of Rogue software if an unsatisfied customer wants a refund he/she will get a message similar to this: rogueav-refund-policy

Don’t ever call those scammers as that will cause you to worry much more than the 50$ you have wasted on the sadly done purchase. Courtesy: Sophos.

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