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Protect thy PC in these 5 steps

December 11th, 2013 Comments off

Protect your PC in 5 StepsYou might think that your PC is safe however it may not be the case. With numerous phishing scams, viruses and hackers on the prowl, you never know when might your computer be the next target or you may fall prey to the attacks. It is better to take precaution and follow these five steps to do your part in securing yourself. After all prevention is always better than the cure. We know you may be updated with the latest trends and update your computer regularly but there is no harm in knowing a bit more or sharing this valuable piece of information to your friends and family.

1) Antivirus Programs are a must

Everyone says that you do not really need an antivirus as it slows down the computer and really does not do the job. However the opposite is true. Some of the antivirus software’s available in the market are quite powerful and most of them offer free basic protection. This basic protection does one hell of a job protecting your PC’s from a lot of viruses. Plus they do not put a lot of strain on your PC resources.  Programs like AVG, AVAST, Kaspersky, Norton and others do quite an efficient job in protecting your precious data from viruses.

2) Firewall your PC

Even China has the Great Wall then why cannot your PC have a basic firewall. The firewall is your first and at times your only line of defense between the viruses and other malware that you might come across when being online. A firewall keeps fighting to protect your PC every minute you are online and even when you are offline.  Windows and Mac users both have a basic firewall protection system in place, do ensure that it is activated and running. If you want to opt for more protection then there are some free options available online. These include ZoneAlarm and Comodo.

3) Spyware/Malware removal tools? Yes you need them

Some might question the need of a dedicated spyware and malware removal program when they have a full-fledged antivirus with 360 protection that does the job. This is correct and many antivirus suites do carry the capability to remove spyware and malware but just in case if your computer does not have this kind of protection then I suggest you get one. Dedicated tools such as MalwareBytes and SpyBot protect you from those unwanted ad popups which are quite annoying frankly and from tracking software’s like key-loggers, which steal your passwords.

4) Perform Windows Update to keep your PC up to date

Updates are the most crucial factor of any OS which ensures that the operating system be it Windows, Mac or Linux stays running the current versions and is secured from loop holes and security flaws that might otherwise threaten the integrity of the system. Patches released by your OS is not intended to trouble you or put you in danger, but it is to protect you from harm’s way. Everyone thinks of hitting cancel on the popup that states ‘Restart and Update Now’, but every time you delay an update you become more vulnerable. So do not hit cancel!

5) Backup or Pack-up

This last tip is the crux of all this. Yes folks, backing up your PC is quite necessary for your good health and your PC as well. How so? Well as it happens you do not want to be on the receiving end of a computer failure that renders your hard disk useless, leading you to realize the fact that you just lost your life’s worth of picture memories, movies and songs collection and just all that important data without which your life grinds to a halt.

If you haven’t set up your computer to make backups at regular intervals than you might as well start doing so. However make sure your backup is not backed up to your computer. If you have done that you might as well pack your bags. Invest in an external hard disk such as Western Digital’s or Seagate’s or opt for online data backups. Dropbox and Copy are viable options.

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