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Capture the screenshot of any webpage with Aviary

July 14th, 2009

Aviary has added their new tool to capture the full page screenshot of any webpage without the usage of any software. Its completely editable online. They call it as Talon.

For example, if you want to capture the entire webpage screenshot for “pcsafety.us” then all you have to do is type the below URL in the address bar to get the entire webpage to be captured.

aviary.com/http: //pcsafety.us

aviary screenshot capture pcsafety_us

Type the above URL and hit Enter and there you have an editable screenshot image of the page. You can do this with any website and even Flash Videos of You Tube too…

They also provide a Firefox Bookmarklet where you can easily get any webpage captured in a single click. Once you got the screen captured you can edit it online in their website. The standard brush, text and shape tools are available, so you edit the page extensively without the need of Photoshop. The only caveat here is you have to register for editing images online.

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