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Glary Utilities 1-Click All-in-One Maintenance Utility

July 6th, 2009 Comments off

Maintenance Tools make a big difference in maintaining our operating systems Bug Free. They may not be able to clean the bad stuffs hidden inside but still it will make our job easier in removing the unwanted leftovers which are left by the program installation and Internet Browser Cache.

Recently we saw the software Glary Utilities doing a great job in system maintenance. This software is More or Less does the same job like other tools in its category like the famous Ccleaner or ATF cleaner but we found some advanced and extra features which we would like to share it.

Glary Utilities - 1-Click Maintenance Mode

Glary Utilities installation is very simple and we felt that even a novice can do it. It has a 1-Click Maintenance Mode where the software extensively scan for the junks residing in our hard drive.

In the screenshot below you can find how the 1-Click Maintenance Mode finds junk data before the scan and after the scan:

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