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Find new ways in fixing Windows problems with Microsoft Fix it

February 1st, 2010 Comments off


I know how  Tech  Support Techies  work hard  in troubleshooting various windows and security related problems on a daily basis. For helping us, various vendors are coming up with certain tools to make the job little bit easier. Microsoft, a Technology Giant will always find new ways in exploring and bringing up new tools and resources to help users to fix their own problems in Windows.

Microsoft Fix it is an online automated troubleshooting solution to diagnose common windows problems in Vista SP2 and XP SP3. It doesn’t support the latest Windows 7 and Server side OS, they came with automated troubleshooting by default when something goes wrong.

Fix It fixes common system problems like CD/DVD read/write errors, printing errors, problems with sound devices, maintenance and performance issues. This step from Microsoft is to automate manual steps in KB Articles so it will easy for the end-user and the troubleshooting expert to fix problems quickly.

Microsoft-Fix-it-screenshotThis Automated Troubleshooting services will scan the PC and find out the causes of the problems and automatically fixes it. If the problem isn’t fixed it also provide other resources to fix it.

You can find some common resolved issues here for all products and also try Fix it in the Vista Sidebar Gadget too.

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