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Introducing Google Buzz – A Social Media App for Gmail

February 10th, 2010

google-buzz-in-gmailOrkut’ing, Twitter’ing and Facebook’ing, in 2010 its time for Buzzing. As we know Twitter and Facebook are darlings of Social Media, now its going to be changing by Google with its new project called Google Buzz.

Google is rolling out its new feature inside Gmail where we can find new ways to share information on the web and yet a bit careful in sharing it though.


5 Key Features which defines Google Buzz:


1. Auto Following – Once you started using it you will be following all the people you emailed and had a chat with the most.

2. Rich, fast sharing experience – Same Gmail User Interface with keyboard shortcuts, twitter updates and all the things which users willing to share often.

3. Public and Private Sharing – You have to be very careful in sharing pictures, videos and all other information as it will be indexed in Google Search right away. You have the option of picking up your public and private sharing preferences.

4. Inbox Integration – Yes. The Inbox is the Center of all the communication. Comments will be sent right to your Inbox and get the conversation going.

5. Just the Good Stuff – A filter to highlight only the top posts.

As Google Buzz just out of the box, when you open Gmail, in few days you will be greeted with a page welcoming and introducing you to Google Buzz. The tab should be below the Inbox labeled “Buzz”. It provides several links to websites, Picasa, Twitter, Flickr and other content around the web.

Noteworthy points of Google Buzz:

  • You can also access Buzz via iPhone and Android Mobiles, and from Google Mobile Maps.
  • Buzz has voice recognition and will post it right into your buzz in real time.
  • Buzz knows where you are, such as it will name a building and confirm it with you too.
  • The interface and the activities inside Buzz looks similar to Google Reader
  • Its in-built Photo viewer looks similar to Flickr
  • Including your emails inside your Gmail Inbox you will get buzz items with a buzz icon
  • Get new updates without refreshing the page
  • Comment with @ reply same like Twitter
  • It will show recommended buzz same like Facebook suggested friends list
  • You cannot publish anything to Twitter but can pull in
  • Buzz items will go through the same spam filtering tools for Gmail
  • Enterprise version of Buzz will be released later this year
Watch Google Buzz Two minutes Demo

I feel Google buzz is more likely an integration of functionalities in Facebook, Twitter and an FriendFeed Clone. We will wait and see whether its another soon-to-be-forgotten Google Product or not.! What’s your Opinion?

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