Spyware Removal Programs to Free your Computer from Security Threats

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windows-defender Your computer is attacked from different infected software from time to time. Malicious software like Spyware, Adware, keystrokes, Trojans, viruses and so on slows the speed of your internet and also manipulates information related to search. Antispyware software programs are basically designed to keep your computer free from security threats.

The Windows Defender Software is technically built to secure you computer from pop-ups, slow performance, detection and removal of security threats caused by Spyware. Its Real-Time Protection features a monitoring system that detects viruses from time to time and minimizes interruptions.

Detecting and removing Spyware

1. The Windows Defender skillfully detects spywares and other annoying pop-up ad

2. It stops infected software from manipulating your internet setting and hacking private information

3. Permits you to set the scanning and removing time

4. You can easily get back eliminated information in case any needed program is removed

Improves internet browsing safety

1. The Windows Defender improves your internet performance by preventing infiltration of spyware software

2. This Microsoft malware removal works on the background. The user has no knowledge that your computer is cleared of spyware attacks from time to time. It also offers minimum information so that the user knows that the PC is infected by spyware and been safely removed.

Provide protection against latest security threats

1. With research continuously new innovation are made by Microsoft to combat new spyware and infected software

2. The worldwide Windows Defender network enables both users and Microsoft to quickly notify against new threats of spyware

3. Automatically update and download the latest version to counteract new spyware threats

The Windows Defender is built-in inside Windows Vista Operating System. You can install in x64 versions of Windows Vista too. You can also download it in reliable copies of Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or later or Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later. It is one of the best Microsoft malware removal tool.

For more information, visit Windows Defender and other Microsoft anti-malware solution. You can also watch the demo (requires Microsoft Silverlight) about using Windows Defender or download directly from Microsoft Downloads.

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