A Digital Pollution warning on Safer Internet Day 2010

February 9th, 2010 Comments off

PCS.US-safer-internet-day-2010 Kaspersky marks today as Safer Internet Day (9th Feb 2010) to alert users of all age group who use Internet as a part of their everyday life. Childs and Teens uses to meet with their friends via social networks and parents do their weekly online shopping. On the other hand, digital pollution such as cybercriminals and unwanted intruders compromising the average users Internet life.

Kaspersky explains the Digital Pollution as “cyber junk” which comes in our way of digital lives. 30k+ new digital threats are being discovered online every day which are created for the purpose of stealing our data, financial info’s, stealing our online identity and deleting our files. Finally we end up in Stress in our normal life.

Kaspersky started a website Safer Internet Day 2010 with the theme as “Think before you Post” which emphasizes not to reveal any personal information in social networking sites. Check out the below funny yet very informative video done in a simple way to create awareness of sharing information on the Internet.

This day aims at educating Teens and Professionals to protect their identity online by using privacy services provided by social networking sites, selecting trustworthy friends online, publish pictures of their own after thinking carefully about the consequences and also posting friends pictures with their permission.

stay-safe-onlineSo stay Safer Online as Internet is not that much safe nowadays. Think before you post any of your information online as it can reach more people than you ever imagine. To learn more visit www.saferinternet.org.

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