Malware’s Journey 2010 – Protect yourself from Cybercriminals

January 9th, 2010 4 comments

malware-imageMJ’s Death, Swine Flu, Windows 7, Chrome OS, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Conficker, Zeus, Avatar, the world was full of these stories in the year 2009. In 2010 it will be different. The major Antivirus Industries predict that the security threats and vulnerable attacks will be worse in 2010.

Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Flash will be leading the target competition by cybercriminals in 2010. Next big target will be the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace etc. Microsoft predicts that Google new Chrome operating system is vulnerable to cyber attacks which are based on HTML 5 web based applications.

Malware’s new Face painting in 2010:

We saw newly created virus every few weeks and were focusing on that trending issues in troubleshooting during 2009. But in 2010 Malware will change its shape every few hours. Here are the few probably going-to-be-seen symptoms of Malware in 2010.malware-faces-2010

1. Financially Motivated Malware are to grow sharply in this year

2. Vulnerabilities in small software’s like shareware, free-ware, etc…

3. Malware may help steal information which is in-turn used for Ransom demands.

4. Hi-fi Technologies came up to hide from major Malware engines which increases effectiveness of the malware like encryption, Root-kits, code injection, polymorphic and ADS

5. Social Networking sites will be increasingly used as a distribution mechanism – Short URL’s and Spamming

6. Social Engineering Techniques will increase in 2010

7. Malware Research and Protection becomes more challenging

8. Botnets which sends Spam will be at the core of Malware threats in 2010.

9. Our traditional approach to find the Malware using File signatures and heuristic / behavioral capabilities are not enough to protect against latest threats.

10. An increase in attacks from Peer 2 Peer (P2P) and File Sharing Networks

11. Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Google Wave will get hit badly by the bad guys.

12. An increase in attacks on Compromised (Jail-Broken) iPhone, Smartphone and Android Mobile devices.


Who Surpasses Who?

Cybercriminals are smart enough in finding loopholes in a product which are popular. Almost all the PC’s have Microsoft and Adobe Products. When the bad guys break the security of a product using the latest methods, the vendor will implement a patch to fix that. This year Adobe will take over Microsoft in Malware Attack 2010. McAfee predicts that Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash will be the No.1 target for the cyber criminals in 2010.

Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS should be safe this year as Read more…

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