How to Install 60+ Most Wanted Apps for Windows in Two Clicks

December 27th, 2009 1 comment

Ninite is a well known Multiple Apps Installer which will come handy after installing a fresh Windows or Upgrading it. Also we can use this awesome portable tool to install selected apps during Tech Support Troubleshooting. Just select the apps you want to install and click the button “Get Installer” and you are good to go.


The coolest part of Ninite is that it will install all the apps in their default settings and will ignore other unwanted toolbars and browser hooks which comes usually with shareware applications. Ninite automatically detects whether the Windows is 32 or 64 bit version and it installs the latest version for each app.

Ninite installer covers most of the favorite software’s in our security niche like Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes Antimalware, AVG, Avast, Spybot and Ccleaner. There is no sign-up needed to download this software’s and its free. They also have some premium features like local caching, network caching and silent mode.

Go ahead and check out Ninite.!


Have any software you need to add in this installer.? Leave your comment below to get it done as we have opted a premium service with them. Share this post via social networking sites below.

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