Tweak and Control your User Account Control Settings using 3 Killer Apps

July 30th, 2009 1 comment

User Account Control is a feature in Windows Vista that can prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. It will ask for Administrator permission whenever some settings are to be changed. By verifying this actions UAC prevent malicious programs from installing it. Microsoft recommends strongly NOT to disable it or else you have to risk your computer to unauthorized changes by viruses and malwares.

For people who think the message pop-ups from UAC is annoying we got awesome applications where you can tweak UAC to run it quietly in the background. Is the "quiet" mode of UAC less secure?

1. UACcontroller

This standalone tool has the option to choose quiet mode where the UAC will be enabled without the Administrator approval prompt. This free UAC tweaking tool will also has options to disable and enable UAC without the option of touching the registry.

2. TweakUAC

TweakUAC is also a portable tool which allow users to switch UAC to a quiet mode, in which you will be elevated to administrator privilege, which means that the UAC prompts pops will be suppressed. This is ideal when you are up to perform an administrator task such as computer maintenance, un-installation of programs, etc. No installation is required to work with TweakUAC.

3. Norton UAC Tool

Norton UAC tool replaces only parts of the Windows Vista’s standard UAC, it continues to utilize the standard security features with more informative interface. This tool also recommends any action of a pop up based on an assessment of your actions which was impossible in the default standard UAC.

Screenshots of the above 3 apps are given below:

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