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Safe Guard your Internet Surfing – Free AVG Link Scanner

July 1st, 2009


Do you know on a daily basis two million website are poisoned by online threats. In this more than 50% of the threats move to a different destination periodically. The sad part is if a user is visiting to one of the websites even without clicking anything he can lose his personal information.

AVG has introduced a free standalone Link Scanner to prevent online hidden threats. Whatever Antivirus or Internet Security Software you have this Link Scanner gives you a additional layer of protection on top of it.

The size of the installer file is 15.3 MB. It fits into three major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. All you have to do is to download the tool, install it and it will automatically integrates itself into the browser and starts monitoring the online world.

Below you can see AVG Link Scanner in Action:


How it Works:

Whenever we type any URL in the address bar or type a keyword in a search box it will first check quickly whether the URL is a threat or not. If it does, then it stops the user from accessing the website. When using the search engines it will show you the “Safety Green Checkmark” for all the good guys and a “Red X Mark”.

Some Functionalities:

A. Scans for threats when user visit a website

B. Scans for threats when user perform a search

C. Scans for Bookmarks for Threats

D. Scans links in Instant Messages for Threats

E. Scans links in Emails for Threats

The interesting thing in this tool is it will analyze individual pages not the index alone. For example, in a website if only a couple of pages are infected to spread spyware, AVG Link Scanner blocks the users from viewing and accessing that particular web pages alone and not the entire website. It runs in all current versions of Windows XP, Vista and as we said before it is compatible with major security software’s.

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