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2 Easy ways of Administering and Customizing Windows 7 via God Mode

January 15th, 2010 1 comment

Windows 7 God Mode

What is God Mode: Its a simple hack which is hidden in Windows 7 & Vista where you can easily access almost all the control settings for customizing and administer the operating system in one place. Its just a folder where you can find all the shortcuts to every settings change in Windows 7 and Vista. All the tools shortcuts are dumped in one location for easy access. Its like a Control Panel’s Big Boss.

How to access God Mode in 2 simple ways:

1. Create a new folder and rename it as below


You can see the icon changed similar to a control panel, double-click to open it and access all the settings in one store.

2. Download the portable tool created by Windows Club and access the same settings in God Mode.

Windows 7 God Mode Creator

Even though it works good for Vista machines too, it is advisable not to create it in Vista 64-bit OS as it crashes the Windows.

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