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Waledac Spam hits on US Independence Day

July 4th, 2009 Comments off

4th of July – US Independence Day. Waledac Spam Campaigns started to spread accross the web through emails. This is the same worm which hit badly on Obama inauguration and in Valentine’s day. It comes to your Inbox with the following:

Subject Line: “Light up the sky”
Body Message: “American Independence Day”

This spam will show user an YouTube video and when the user clicks on the link, it offers to download an .EXE file instead of displaying the video. Even before the celebration started the email campaign says that “Colorful Independence Day events took place throughout the country”.¬†Microsoft detects this Spam File as Trojan:Win32/Waledac.gen!A. This new binary comes with no real Antivirus Detection with Virus Total results like this: Result: 4/41 (9.76%).

This is beecause unfortunately, the Anti-virus products start to detect a virus when enough people complain about it. In this case, because the virus hasn’t been spammed yet, almost no one has complained, and as a result, almost no one knows that it is a virus. By the time the virus begins to spread on Saturday evening of a holiday weekend, we have to see how many anti-virus engineers will be writing a definition to rescue and remove the threat.

Here is the screenshot of the spam YouTube model campaign. Read more…

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